We first met via Jerry's old page on the SilverFox site - back in January of 1997 when it was called the "Friends of CR" site. After a month and a half of email exchanges an occasional phone calls, Bob agreed to fly himself (via Panic Airlines) to Palm Springs where some of Jerry's friends had convinced him to join them for a Jackrabbits' weekend.

Well, despite our refusal to use the "L" word throughout the duration of the day's visit, Bob saw the tears Jerry was trying to hide when it came time to fly home. Our lives were forever changed. Two days later we realized there was no sense in denying our love for each other. We have since celebrated every March 1st as our anniversary.

Unfortunately, Jerry lived in Phoenix at the time while Bob was living (with his soon-to-be-ex lover) in the Los Angeles area. It took a year for Jerry to make the move to Los Angeles to join Bob in their new home. It was a difficult time to be sure. With our biweekly trips and constant phone calls we certainly did our part to support the profits of AT&T and Southwest Airlines. If you're involved in a long distance relationship, you're likely to be in for a rough ride. We are fortunate to have met other couples through CR and the SilverFox list had gone or were going through a similar experience. Their examples and encouragement gave us both a great deal of hope. Fortunately, we survived and are likely stronger for the experience. In our case it was well worth the effort.

We are still deeply in love and don't let a day pass without making sure we share our feelings with each other. We are very comfortable and satisfied with keeping our relationship closed and monogamous. We both realize that a strong relationship demands not only love but a high level of trust.

Bob is fortunate to be able to be open about our relationship at work. In fact, Jerry has even worked for Bob at the office - without worries about what everyone might be thinking. Actually, most of the people Bob has worked with there have commented on the positive change in his life since Jerry came into the picture. We even joke about people knowing how Jerry got the job and what he had to do to keep it! Since our meeting we have been able to attend every CR gathering. We are very active in the San Fernando Valley chapter of Prime Timers International and enjoy attending the Prime Timers New Years Eve Beaux Arts Ball in Palm Springs.

We have recently purchased and relocated to the "home of our dreams" in the San Fernando Valley (northern L.A. county). It is wonderfully spacious and lends itself well to entertaining - something we've learned to enjoy. Besides, it gives us an opportunity to show it off.

We enjoy taking day trips and occasional vacations in our airplane (affectionately known as "Blue Julie"), movies, quiet evenings at home and entertaining our friends. We are particularly interested in meeting other couples for socializing.

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