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Extensive IT experience.  Has led staff, overseen implementations, migrations, mergers, moves, etc.  Interacts with IT and business users and is comfortable giving presentations to senior level executives.



·       Stonefield Josephson, Inc. - 8/94 to 5/2005
of Management Information Systems: Responsible for the I.S. department in a 100+ staff-member accounting and professional services firm. Responsible for wide-area Santa Monica / San Francisco / Walnut Creek / Irvine enterprise network comprised of multiple Windows 2000/2003 servers (including:  Exchange 2000, SQL, IIS, RRAS, and DNS), Storage Area Network, Cisco routers and switches, a Cisco PIX firewall, NetEnforcer QOS, and 100+ Windows NT/9X/XP and thin-client workstations.  In many respects, this company operates as several co-located enterprises.  It is important to note that all 100+ users are – in effect – power users and that with the integration of 40+ applications, this firm’s IT requirements are equivalent to those of a much larger organization.

·       Staffing of the MIS department has ranged from a low of one (myself) to as many as five.  Typically supervising a staff of two technical support professionals and a network administrator.  At one point I was also managing a systems consulting group consisting of three IT professionals.

·       Managing the firm's dedicated Internet access, mail server and Web server.  Design and implementation client network infrastructures for clients of the firm.

·       The following projects have been accomplished since joining this firm:

·       Managed all technical aspects of two mergers.  One with an existing firm in Walnut Creek California. The other with an existing firm in Irvine California.  Both included a move into new office space with the latter being accomplished with only three weeks advance notice while simultaneously coordinating a move of the San Francisco office.

·       Implemented a fully-meshed and redundant Storage Area Network (SAN) with Shadow Image replication to a SATA storage array and robotic tape library backup.

·       Implemented  a point-to-point T1-based three-office WAN with VPN redundancy and failover routing that eliminated all single points of failure for the firm’s WAN.

·       Implemented VPN and dial-up services for remote access to the corporate network.

·       Implemented wireless networking for all laptop users both in the office and for ad hoc field use.

·       Implemented Quality of Service controls (QOS) to manage WAN and Internet bandwidth utilization.

·       Migrated user workstations from DOS to Windows 3.1, then to Windows 95,  Windows 98, Windows NT and finally to a mix of Windows XP “fat” clients and Windows XPe “thin” clients.

·       Migrated the corporate network system from Novell 3.12 to Windows NT Server, then to Windows 2000/2003 utilizing Active Directory.

·       Implemented a redundant dedicated Internet connection utilizing multiple T1 circuits and BGP that is shared by all offices. This provides both Internet/email services for the firm and web-based external access to the firm’s Citrix server farm via a Citrix Secure Gateway server.

·       Engineered a change from a distributed system management strategy (independent offices) to one that integrated three WAN connected offices into a single corporate-managed entity that shares hardware, software and technical support resources. This strategic change not only resulted in the superior technical support of all three offices, but also allowed client engagements to be serviced by staff in multiple offices – providing for greater utilization of staff and reduced downtime.

·       Replaced the PC/LAN systems with thin-client services using MS Terminal Services and a load-balanced Citrix MetaFrame server farm based in the corporate office for all computer resources.  This strategy has significantly reduced system management and support workload while providing users with a fully integrated corporate system and improved support response.  This system now utilizes Citrix’s Secure Gateway services to provide a web-based interface that is directly accessible via the Internet.

·       Designed, developed and managed the firm's first Internet web site.

·       Designed, co-developed and managed the firm’s intranet site.

·       Implemented the firm's first email system, and then migrated to Exchange.

·       Manage the firm’s phone system which consists of four integrated PBXs (one in each office), centralized voice mail and VoIP service between offices.

·       Implementation of an ASP-based document management system.

·       Managed all technology aspects of four separate relocations of satellite offices.

·       California State University, Northridge - 2/97 to 6/97
Associate Professor:
Taught an upper-division university course entitled "Introduction to Management Information Systems". This course is a core requirement for all business majors at CSUN. Responsible for preparation of a course syllabus, exams, term projects and weekly lectures.

·       IDB Communications Group - 9/92 to 8/94
Project Leader / Standards Administrator: Worked directly under the Director of Applications as a project manager. Accomplishments in this capacity include:

·       Developed and implemented a corporate-wide strategy by which all DataFlex applications are accessed for production and development purposes. This provides a common environment for all IDB applications in Los Angeles, New York, Bethesda MD, and Rockville MD. Also developed a set of programming standards, and created numerous developer utilities - including a custom version control system. Responsible for application environment integrity nation-wide.

·       Managed development of an interface between Novell/PC based operations database applications written in DataFlex, and the Unix/Sequent based Oracle Financials database. This interface system utilizes an open architecture based on an application-independent core that provides for runtime addition and configuration of application-specific modules.

·       Managed a team of network and programmer analysts in the development and implementation of an application-independent program usage tracking system for use in tracking system file-locking anomalies and program bugs.

·       Migrated the applications development group to the Microsoft Windows operating environment utilizing a combination of shared departmental program groups and personalized program groups. This configuration provided staff members with the ability to access their personal environment from any workstation in the development group.

·       Coordinated a TCP/IP interface project to provide users PC/LAN/WAN and laptop dialup access to a Unix/Sequent-based Oracle database via a Windows/PowerBuilder front end.

·       Modified DataFlex's file-handling algorithm to reduce file contention in a high volume 200+ user application.

·       Documentation sets for most of the projects mentioned above are available upon request.

·       ShopTrac Data Collection Systems - 3/90 to 4/92
Project Leader: Responsible for management of product releases, new modules and enhancements to customer systems. Also responsible for development of interfaces to host systems and peripheral devices. Company developed and marketed its own barcode data collection system to track employee time and attendance, labor allocation and work in process in manufacturing environments. The database was written in DataFlex and ran in a PC/Novell environment utilizing proprietary barcode terminals. Left the company because of a lack of advancement opportunities and utilized the interim to train (at my expense) for Novell CNE certification.

·       Stonefield Josephson Accountancy - 2/87 to 2/90
Systems Consultant: Hired as a full-time systems consultant after serving a 15-month college internship. Developed accounting information systems and business applications for internal and client use. Responsible for implementation and operating system support of an Oracle/Unix management application developed by this firm. Supported firm's clients using the MAS90 accounting system. Certified by State of the Art as a "Master Developer" for MAS90. Also responsible for support and maintenance of in-house hardware and software systems. <!-- Dismissed three days after</UL></UL>





  warning the managing partner that an outside consulting group - with which they had formed a

  partnership - was taking unethical advantage of their trust. -->

·       U.S Security and Exchanges Commission - 2/86 to 2/87
Enforcement Investigation Intern: Student internship served while attending college.  This position focused on investigating claims of securities fraud and performing detailed analysis of auditors' working papers in an effort to build case evidence of or disprove allegations.


·       California State University, Northridge -- May 1988: Received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an option in Management Information Systems. Overall GPA of 3.43. GPA of 3.76 in major. President of the MIS Association.

·       Los Angeles Pierce College -- May 1986: Received an Associates of Arts degree. Graduated with honors. Permanent member of the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Society. Vice President of the Business Club. Member of the student senate.


  • Operating Systems:  Microsoft Windows (3.X, 9.X, XP, NT, 2000/2003), Novell Netware (2.X, 3.X & 4.X), Citrix MetaFrame 1.8/XP, MS-DOS, SCO Unix, HPUX.
  • Protocols & Languages:  TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, PPTP, VPN, HTML, DataFlex.
  • Networking & Data Communications:  LAN/WAN, VPN, QOS, 802.11b/g Wireless, NEC IVS 2000 PBX
  • Storage Technologies:  SAN, SCSI, ATA, SATA, Fiber, Shadow Image, NetBackup, Backup Exec.
  • Interpersonal:  Excellent written and verbal skills.  Able to interact with all levels of staff and management.  Solid presentation skills.  Responsible, reliable and committed to excellence.


  • Hobbies:  Instrument-rated private pilot and aircraft owner, classic car collecting and restoration, home improvement.  Personal websites:  www.midlifeclassics.com, www.panicairlines.com.
  • Affiliations:  Board member and webmaster of Van Nuys Propeller Aircraft Association (www.vnyprop.org ).  Former President of Parkview Villa Homeowners Association.  Former President of San Fernando Valley Prime Timers (a social organization).  Member of Great Autos of Yesteryear car club.