Robert E. Carroll

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Who Am I?

Basically I'm just your average guy trying to hack out an interesting web page.

Usually too much, and have paid the price dearly. I've recently reformed and cleared away the wreckage (fat) of my past. We'll see just how long it lasts (update: it didn't). Isn't this the new American pastime?

But, never enough it seems. With a brilliant mind like mine :-) it can be tough to "shut down" for the night. Didn't Einstein have a sleeping problem?

I manage the computer department for a regional accounting firm based in Southern California. This firm has offices in Santa Monica, San Francisco and Walnut Creek. The offices are linked via a T1 wide-area-network. It's my responsibility to keep all staffmembers' computers in working condition and to provide them with uninterruped access to appropriate network applications and files. Officially, my title is "Director of Management Information Systems." For some reason they didn't like my suggestions of "Network God" or "System Lord."

Well, if you live and work in Southern California (and aren't lucky enough to work at home) you do too. I make a 31 mile drive to Santa Monica whenever I'm in town. That usually means 45 - 90 minutes each way (I hate the 405)! Once a month I fly (my plane - weather permitting) to the bay area to work in the San Francisco and Walnut Creek offices for a week. While the bay area commute takes 2.7 to 3.5 hours each way, it's much more relaxing and the traffic is much better.

What Am I Like?

Well, imagine a Tom Sellick build, a face like Mel Gibson, and the suave nature of James Bond (the Sean Connery editon, of course). If you ever have the opportunity to meet me, you'll immediately notice that I have absolutely nothing in common with any of them. Suffice it to say that there is no single part of me that is truly unique. There is nothing I've said, done or (probably) thought that hasn't been said, done or thought before. I just happen to be a unique combination of common elements and experiences.

Hobbies & Interests

Private pilot, instrument rated. Own a Piper Cherokee 180. Member of AOPA and EAA.

Enjoy working with PCs and exploring the internet during what little spare time is available.

OK, but, who's "Captain" Bob and what is Panic Airlines?

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